Luma Ring Selfie Light

Professional 48cm Ring Light with Temperature Control

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This Selfie Ring light by  Comfortel is a professional Ring Light with adjustable lighting temperature controls that allows you to clip your smartphone on it to take photos.
*Iphone Smartphone not included.


dimensions & product details

Dimensions & Specifications
Size (HxWxD)     
18.9x18.9x1.8" / 48x48x4.6cm
Power Range 
Colour Temperature 
Seamless from 3200k to 5600k
Operation Voltage
Brightness Dimmable
From 10% to 100%
Net Weight
Shipping Details
13.2 lbs
26.4 × 22.1 × 4.7 in
Cubic Meters

showcase your best work

The Bi Colour temperature controls on this Ring Light is unique, as it adjusts to warm or cool light by just one dial, without the use of filters. This allows you to select the right settings for the perfect look. Simply use the dial to adjust the lighting from a warm candlelight of 3200K to cool daylight of 5600K.
Every salon professional in the industry knows just how essential a ring light is for marketing and social media. If you want to showcase your best work, take stunning photos in your salon, or even enhance the overall look of your salon space, this Ring Light is for you.