A Petite Salon with a Big Impact: Blonde Poetry

A Petite Salon with a Big Impact: Blonde Poetry

Small Scale Salon Design with Blonde Poetry

Designing a salon can be challenging, let alone creating the perfect work space within a small area.  Salon Owner Chantel Niewoudt of Blonde Poetry, shows us that having a small footprint in your salon should not prevent you from designing your dream space.
At only 50m2 in size, this salon may not be big on space but is certainly big on style.

Furniture and Decor

Classical meets contemporary as her design style, Chantel wanted a “luxury boutique” with timeless furniture and colours that reflect the high-end experience she wants to provide for her clients.   A lover of black for its timeless look, the challenge was to inject the dark colour but not overcrowd the space and make it feel cluttered.

Comfortel’s Blake Styling Chairs and Harriet Wash Lounge in their signature Textured Black was selected to keep the classic salon look but allows for light to still be carried throughout the space. Paired with Comfortel’s tall arch  Verona Salon Mirror, the space instantly gives the illusion of openness all while maintaining a timeless feel with its soft curves and sleek lines.  Rattan and gold accents adds a contemporary, softer touch.
To create ‘dedicated areas’ in the small space, wall facades are introduced behind the reception desk, that doubles as a Retail Display.  This clever design divides the small space into sections, doubling as  privacy to clients without making the space feel enclosed and boxy. Comfortel’s Mova Salon trolley’s assists the “less is more” approach to the salon and provide a much-needed portable workspace and power source while keeping an adequate walk pace on the salon floor.

How to create the perfect salon with a small footprint:

  • Salon furniture in Textured Black is a twist on Classic Black. It’s a softer look and a great way to maintain the timeless style, without making the space feel cluttered or enclosed.
  • Efficient space management is vital, especially if you are in a smaller space. Incorporating items that have dual purpose like a partition wall that doubles as privacy for clients as well as retail display is perfect way to create space.
  • Introducing Large Mirrors can enhance the illusion of a bigger space.
  • Curves and Arches incorporated in salon furniture, doorways and mirrors can soften the look, while retaining a timeless contemporary feel.

Get the look with Comfortel Salon Furniture

Blake TEXTURED BLACK styling chair
hazel BLACK WASH LOUNGE WITH black basin



Salon: Blonde Poetry , 7/44 Curtin Place, Curtin, ACT, 2605  blondepoetry.com
Salon Furniture: Comfortel Salon Furniture www.comfortel.com.au
Construction: Builder: Canberra Outdoor Solutions @canberra_outdoor_solutions
Electrical: Bezt Electrical   Tiling: Southside Tilers @southsidetilers
Interior Design:  Neon White Design @neonwhitedesign